About Us

Established in 2019, we specialize in data management specific to the Healthcare Industry.

The organization was created with a clear focus on giving accessibility of medical data to patients and medical providers, irrespective of their geolocation via a technological platform negating the stress of paper trail.

Focused on delivering data points for organizations (public or private) to efficiently manage resources and project the health of the nation.

This ecosystem for medical providers is HIPAA and OWASP Top10 Compliant allowing seamless exchange of information for the better handling of patient management services while keeping in the forefront data privacy & security as per data protection guidelines.

The Mission

To create a high-quality technology based ecosystem in health care that allows safe and secure data exchange in order to provide easy access to medical history thereby protecting the needs of the patient irrespective of geolocation.

The Vision

To give every individual complete control of their health information via a patient centric, seamless and advanced technology-based ecosystem that can be accessed anytime, anywhere by the click of a button.


As a product and company, we bring in a cumulative experience of 150+ years in the field of Healthcare, Distribution, Product Development, Marketing and Insurance to provide an enhanced experience to the end user. 


Our team of Business Development Executives (BDE) are qualified in the fields of Sales, Marketing, Health Care and Technology. BDEs are equipped with the experience, tools and skills to support healthcare providers and patients.
Our 24/7 support service gives comfort in knowing that should there be any challenge, someone is always available and willing to assist.