In-clinic Services

The physician may provide user specific access to employees of the practice. Each person has their own login credentials and access to patient medical information is based on job function.
Patients are on-boarded in the clinic by the designated individual(s). Each patient receives a card with a unique number, which will be used to connect them to all the medical services they will use. Patient vitals, doctors notes and visit summary are all done on the platform. The physician can prepare a prescription and referrals for pathology or radiology tests. Appointments are set by the doctor/receptionist/nurse. Appointment may also be set by the patient using the ‘Daisy-Health’ mobile application.

Pharmacy Services

The pharmacist or pharmacy owner will give access to the employees through the creation of their individual credentials. The pharmacy owner will be able to monitor the pharmacy analytics. The pharmacist and pharmacy technician will swipe the patient’s Daisy card which will display the prescription on the computer screen. After dispensing, the pharmacist will enter the dispensing information on the platform to record the items filled and quantities. For repeat prescriptions, the pharmacist may set a reminder in the patient’s file.