Daisy offers a secure cloud based data storage system which helps reduce the need for bulky file cabinets in the office.

The comprehensive Online Health Record Management Ecosystem allows the medical service provider access to the platform from any location with internet service. Patients are able to view their health records through a patient App.

Daisy is HIPAA compliant, has OWASP Top 10 and GDRP certifications.

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Daisy offers in-depth analysis of the movement, fulfilment and result for patient/ prescription/lab or imaging request.

Business analytic tools related to the program for respective service provider.


Daisy’s ecosystem structure allows the patient to move smoothly through the in-clinic processes, to the pharmacy, lab and medical specialists. 

With Daisy, medical service providers will appreciate real time interaction between users/ service providers in the Healthcare Domain.

Patients can receive attention from their health care provider regardless of time of day or doctor’s location. 

Prescriptions are secure and reduce the risk of error. 

Emergency service providers can access critical medical data which means the difference between life and death.


Daisy allows patients to select their appointment dates and time slot through the patient App. In-clinic service administrators may also set the appointment for next visit for the patient. Appointments may be cancelled or rescheduled by either party. Patients will receive a SMS message to confirm the status of the appointment. Patient will receive SMS reminders about their appointment closer to the date.

Pharmacists can set repeat prescription reminders in patient file.