Efficient Health care starts here

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No more paper files

Paper files can cause clutter, they can be misplaced, damaged, destroyed and harbor insects and rodents. Digital records are safe, secure, easily accessed by the approved individual and allows for faster registration and overall office management

Safely access your patients Records

Access patient records with our two factor authentication system. User security is important to us, therefore we have taken strict measures to make our platform safe and secure for all users. Our platform has international standards certification including ISO and HIPAA   

Control in your hand

Download the App from the Play Store or the App Store to have secured access to a summary of your medical records, schedule and cancel appointments, get notified when the lab or radiology unit sends the report to your doctor.

Efficiently fill prescriptions

With the swipe of the card, patient’s prescreption are visible to the pharmacist. Prescriptions filled at that pharmacy are visible to the pharmacist. The pharmacist can also see partially filled prescriptions and prescriptions to be filled.

Pharmacist can set reminders for patients to refill prescriptions and the pharmacist will be notified.

The whole process of filling a prescription is now digitized, which makes the process faster.

Efficiently Manage time

Patients can schedule appoints through the App. Doctors and staff may also schedule appointments for patients. Patients will receive SMS notification reminding them of their scheduled appointment.

Earn while you spend

With Poojah Points partnering with Daisy Health Technology, the patients are winners.

Fill your prescription at any participating pharmacy and earn up to 20% of the value of your prescription as loyalty points. 

Use these points to pay for your next prescription or make over the counter purchases.