With Daisy, Health Management is in your hand...

Daisy Health uses technology to bring your health records to cloud based storage, allowing you to regulate who uses your data, so your doctors, pharmacist and other health professionals can access the information they need.
Daisy Health creates an environment that helps you get the best medical care by allowing medical professionals to access your historic health data and includes you along the way. With this platform, it is possible to share your past diagnoses, prescriptions, procedures and more with whichever medical practitioner you choose!
Daisy brings you a paperless, secure way to join the decision-making process surrounding your health for FREE! Just visit your local medical professional, fill out the form and we will handle the rest!

Why Daisy?

Daisy Health brings you the benefits of:

 Controlled access
Daisy keeps your health data password protected, allowing you to manage your data and control who has access to your data via the Daisy Health Patient App
Promotes informed decision making
Daisy creates a more efficient way of sharing patient data. Medical professionals, with the swipe of a card and your permission, will
have access to past diagnoses and prescriptions that will support your current treatment.
While monitoring your records, you will realize what lifestyle changes can impact your overall health and wellbeing.
Added Value and Convenience
Daisy provides you with a user card that can be used at all participating locations- no more pulling up files from a cabinet!
With just the swipe of your Daisy card, your doctor will know that you are there. All requests for lab or pharmacy that are sent to
the cloud are available in real-time, this means you don’t have to wait to go to the pharmacy or lab.
Conveniently monitor records of your dependents too by simply following the secure steps to have dependents added to your Daisy account.

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